1. “Lean & Six Sigma” Master Black Belt
  2. “Lean & Six Sigma” Black Belt
  3. “Lean & Six Sigma” Green Belt
  4. “Lean & Six Sigma” Yellow Belt


  1. Six Sigma Master Black Belt
  2. Six Sigma Black Belt
  3. Six Sigma Green Belt
  4. Six Sigma Yellow Belt


  1. LEAN Expert
  2. LEAN Leader
  3. LEAN Practitioner
  4. LEAN Controller

Mix and match your training requirements to your businesses needs and make it fit for purpose for your continuous improvement strategy. Each training module focuses on behavioural and technical competencies with practical examples and experience throughout the training allowing for tangible results at the end of each training course.


Certification is provided once all the competencies requirements have been met through classroom training, an online exam (n/a for YB & LC), practical examples which are recorded through standardised workbooks (n/a for YB & LC) and application of tools relevant to the option taken.

Each of the training programmes have been assessed against the ISO 18404 International Standards and also meet the requirements set by the official Industry standard for Six Sigma Accreditation, The Council for Six Sigma Certification.