Facilitating & Training.


Over the years our Lean & Six Sigma Master Black Belts have developed their own unique methodology and toolsets to enable the best results, a method of transforming people’s understanding of organisations, relationships and decisions. It allows leaders, managers, change agents and consultants to benefit their organisations in ways they never thought possible.

This unique approach to coaching allows you to see yourself and your organisation in a very different, but productive way. Behavioural awareness is as much or if not even more important than the technical competencies required to be successful in this current business environment.

Training can be be provided fully funded, part funded or full cost depending on the size of your organisation

Here is a list of class room training provided by Blue Lion on-site or off-site courses

  • The BLUE LION Training Academy courses aligned to ISO 18404
    • High Performance Culture (Mindful Lean Six SigmaTM)
    • Role of the sponsor
    • White Belt – Kaizen Facilitator
    • Yellow Belt – Lean & Six Sigma (Lean Controller & Six Sigma Beginner)
    • Green Belt – Lean & Six Sigma
    • Black Belt – lean & Six Sigma
    • Master Black belt – Lean Six Sigma
    • Lean Practitioner
    • Lean Leader
    • Lean Expert
    • Green Belt – Six Sigma
    • Black Belt – Six Sigma
    • Master Black belt – Six Sigma

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